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June 6, 2009

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Internet Explorer 8 is much more compliant then previous versions.
To prevent issues with existing sites IE8 has a Compatibility Mode, which renders the page as if you were using IE7.
Because some skins or skinobject might have issues in IE 8 we created this skin object. It allows you to force IE8 to show a site in either Strict or Compatibility mode, by writing a meta tag to the head of the page.
The meta tag will only be added if the visitor uses Internet Explorer

Attribute Values Default Description
IeVersion IE version number 7 Sets the version for the meta tag.
If not set the page will be in compatibility Mode (the target IE version will be 7)
Set this to 100 if you want IE 8 and future versions to render the page in Strict Mode.

Add to HTML skin (< DNN5):

Add to an HTML skin using object tags (DNN5+):
Force IE7 Compatibility mode:
<object id="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode" codetype="dotnetnuke/server" codebase="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode"></object>

Force IE8 Strict mode:
<object id="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode" codetype="dotnetnuke/server" codebase="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode">
   <param name="IeVersion" value="100" />

Add to ASCX skin:
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="TIMODESIGN_IECOMPATIBILITYMODE" Src="~/DesktopModules/timodesign/sko/iecompatibilitymode/IECompatibilityMode.ascx" %>

Force IE7 Compatibility mode:
<dnn:TIMODESIGN_IECOMPATIBILITYMODE runat="server" id="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode" />

Force IE8 Strict mode:
<dnn:TIMODESIGN_IECOMPATIBILITYMODE runat="server" id="TIMODESIGN_IECompatibilityMode" IeVersion="100" />


Test the Skin Object

-Place a HTML module on the page
-Edit the content and switch the editor to Source View.
-Paste the following HTML in the editor and Save;

<div style="display: table;">
<div style="display: table-row;">
<div style="display: table-cell;">If you see this text (in IE 8) </div>
<div style="display: table-cell;">on one line the page </div>
<div style="display: table-cell;">is shown in IE 8 strict mode.</div>

If the text is not displayed in one line the page is in IE7 compatibilty mode, if it is it's in IE8 Strict mode. This will only be visible in IE. I'm using the lack of support for "Tabel-Cell" in IE 7 for this test.

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